Brand Logos

The Nine Labs logo has two colors: Primary Pink and Dark Pink. The “N” Solo Mark is the primary visual mark for most uses. These elements and their relationship must never be altered or modified in any way.

The Solo “N”

This is our primary mark is used in most situations.

Solo N

The “N” with Text

The horizontal logo is made up of two elements: The Solo N, and the text “Nine Labs.” set in Avenir Next. The period after “Nine Labs” is intentional and should always be in place.

The vertical lockup should be used in Word, Pages, and PDF documents. The horizontal lockup should be used in presentations.

N with Text N with Text

Proper Spacing

The required space surrounding the logo mark is equal to the height of the right ascender of the “N”.

Spacing Example


Solo N Logo Spacing Example
Vertical Mark Logo Spacing Example
Horizontal Mark Logo Spacing Example

Unacceptable Usage

Only the logos provided within this document are approved for use.

  1. Using the “N” as part of a word, or as a letter of the alphabet
  2. Adding extra elements
  3. Stretching them
  4. Rotating them
  5. Breaking up the elements
  6. Changing the color
  7. Using them without a box
  8. Changing the font


Horizontal Distortion

Vertical Distortion

Logo Spacing Example